Together, we can transform health and health care.

You can develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage your health care.

We can provide the information and tools to help you develop that confidence.

Your doctor and clinic can partner with you and your family to build strong, positive relationships.

What you can do

Your health care provider can help you stay healthy and have a positive patient experience; you also have an important role in getting quality health care.

Research shows people who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their health care also have better patient experiences. And patients who have good experiences are more likely to come back for follow up tests and visits, take medications as prescribed, and better manage their care.  

What MNHealthScores can do

MNHealthScores resources and information can help you build strong, positive relationships with your health care providers. Brought to you by MN Community Measurement, the information is unbiased, trustworthy and validated.

We can help you learn: 

  • What questions to ask your health care provider and when to ask them
  • How to keep track of key information about your health
  • How to work with your provider to stay healthy
  • How to use our ratings and information to find highly-rated clinics, medical groups and hospitals
What your provider and clinic can do

The best quality care happens when health care providers (doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other clinicians) work as partners with patients, family members, and caregivers. Your experience as a patient includes everything that happens from the moment you walk into your health care provider’s office until the end of your appointment. It also includes all phone calls, contacts and follow up you have with the office before or after appointments.

Your health care provider wants to develop a strong partnership and positive relationship with you. By using the information on MNHealthScores to become a powerful advocate for your care, you and your provider can work together to help you receive the highest quality of care.