Resources for Better Care 

Your health care provider can help you stay healthy and have a positive patient experience; you also have an important role in getting quality health care. This collection of resources is designed to help you get better care. These tools can help you build a positive partnership with your doctor and other health care providers, and enhance your experience as a patient.

The best quality care happens when doctors and health care providers work as partners with patients, family members and caregivers. Research shows patients who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to advocate for their health care also have the best patient experiences. And patients who have positive relationships and good experiences are more likely to return for follow up tests, take medications they're prescribed, and stay healthy.


Each section of Better Care includes an overview of how it can help you get better care, your role in that aspect of your care, and links to fact sheets and web resources. The fact sheets share examples to help you evaluate the quality of your experiences with your care providers, and offers suggestions on how to build positive care experiences.

Communicating Clearly  

Coordinating Care  

Staying Healthy  

Caring for Children  


Developed in collaboration with Consumer Reports, these videos give an entertaining - and helpful - introduction to information about quality healthcare and resources that you can use to find high quality care.

Health Care Quality: Using Health Care Performance Ratings

Trusted, local information about health care results can help you compare performance and find quality care. MN HealthScores reports information from clinics, medical groups and hospitals, and shares resources that can help you make informed decisions about the care you receive.

Patient Experience: Comparing Your Care

You compare the quality of services in other areas of your life, and you can also compare the quality of your health care. Your experience with providers is an important part of getting quality health care. Learn what to look for as a patient and find resources to help you compare clinics and hospitals.