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What measurement means for your experience as a patient

Quality health care is safe, effective and centered on you: the patient. You should expect clear communication, reliable and timely information, respect, and pleasant interactions from your providers and their staff. Positive patient experiences lead to better health outcomes and will make it more likely you will return for follow-up and/or preventive care, improving your overall health.

High rates of patients who say the entire office staff was respectful, polite and helpful can be a sign of strong clinic performance.

In Minnesota and parts of some neighboring states, 83% of patients gave their clinic the most positive rating possible when asked how courteous and helpful they found their provider’s office staff. This means for every 100 patients, 83 said the staff at their clinic were respectful, polite and helpful.

“Most positive” means the percent of patients who gave the most positive rating possible in a category. The HealthScore shows how well doctors and clinic staff did in providing a positive experience for their patients. The most positive averages are also important because they allow a clinic to compare their performance against all other participating clinics.  

how you can use the information

This information can help you compare the different experience ratings for providers in your area. To choose a hospital or clinic that best suits you, you can create a custom display that combines patient experience ratings with quality ratings on your specific health concerns (e.g., depression or diabetes).

How we calculate the measure

This report is based on patient responses to the Adult Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Clinician and Group 3.0 survey (CG-CAHPS® 3.0 Survey). This survey asks patients about parts of their health care experiences that are closely linked to quality. The CG-CAHPS® 3.0 survey was mailed to a random sample of adult patients ages 18 and older who visited the clinic between September 1 and November 30, 2016. 

Results from more than 182,000 patients at 767 clinics are reported on MNHealthScores. If a clinic is not listed in our report, it may be for one of several reasons, such as the clinic had too few patients during that time or it received too few survey responses to report the data reliably.

Results of the Patient Experience survey are reported every other year.

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