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Patient Experience

Patient experience includes everything that happens from the moment a person walks into a health care provider’s office until the end of the appointment. It also includes all phone calls or other contact a person has with the office before or after appointments.

Care you should expect to receive - The best quality care happens when health care providers (including doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, other clinicians, and office staff) work as partners with patients, family members, and caregivers. These partnerships mean that:

  • Appointments, care and information are available when you need it
  • Providers listen and explain things to you in a way you understand
  • Polite and helpful office staff treat you with courtesy and respect
  • You have an overall positive experience

Minnesota and patient experience - MN HealthScores calculates and reports averages in four categories that reflect patient experience statewide. We calculate these averages by using the most positive survey responses for each of four categories. The most positive averages are important because they allow a clinic to measure their performance against all other participating clinics. They also show how well Minnesota providers have performed in providing a positive experience for their patients. 

Most positive averages by category of all reporting clinics (based on September 1, 2012 to November 30, 2012 data)

  • Access to care average: 60% 
  • Provider-patient communication average: 90% 
  • Courteous and helpful office staff average: 91% 
  • Patients who rated their provider a 9 or 10: 78% 

Who provides care? Many people receive health care from professionals other than doctors. Examples include nurse practitioners (NPs), physician assistants (PAs), and other clinical staff. We often use the terms “health care provider” or “provider” on MN HealthScores because our reports include information from a variety of health care professionals in addition to doctors.

How will this data help me? By asking patients about their experiences, we can learn how well health care providers in Minnesota and neighboring states partner with patients. We know that strong, positive partnerships are an important part of quality care. Patients who have good experiences with their health care providers are more likely to come back for tests, take medications as prescribed, and better manage their care.

Because quality health care matters a lot to both patients and health care providers, MN HealthScores developed a collection of resources called Better Care. Visit the Better Care section for helpful tools, videos, information and advice.

“Most positive” means the percent of patients who gave the most positive rating possible in a category. For example, a rating of 80% means that eight out of 10 adult patients answered the questions with the most positive response possible.

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Patient Experience

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