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Do You Know How Much Your Health Care Costs?

Today, many patients share the cost of their care through deductibles and co-payments. Whether you pay a few dollars or thousands of dollars, what you pay may only be a portion of the total cost of your care. We offer information about the average amount health plans in Minnesota pay physicians and other health care providers so that you can consider cost when making important health care decisions.

Health care that costs more isn’t always better. Our Cost Reports show that payments for some health care services can vary greatly. For example, physicians are paid between $325 and $1,354 for their services in conducting a colonoscopy (screening test for colorectal cancer), and between $29 and $236 for conducting group psychotherapy sessions (for treatment of depression). We offer information about the cost of care – the amount paid by health plans to providers – for over 100 health care services including flu shots, Cesarean sections and laboratory tests.

Understanding that health care costs can vary can help you manage out of pocket expenses – the portion of your care you are asked to pay for. It can also help health care purchasers (such as employers) manage their health care spending as well. Our cost reports are one piece of information you can use to make sure you get high quality care. Be sure to contact your health plan if you have questions about the cost of your care.