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What is HealthScores?


HealthScores is a website that can help you make sure you are getting the best care – high quality health care. Our reports provide information about the care provided in clinics (doctor's offices), medical groups and hospitals throughout Minnesota. HealthScores was developed by MN Community Measurement, an independent non-profit community organization.

If you need to choose a doctor in a new neighborhood, have been recently diagnosed with a chronic condition, or wish to learn more about the care you are already receiving, HealthScores can help. Use HealthScores to take charge of your care.

  • Understand the care you should expect to receive based on your condition or illness
  • Talk to your provider and ask questions
  • Do your part – follow care instructions
  • Use Our Reports  to compare the health care quality of clinics, medical groups and hospitals
  • Discover the costs associated with your care.