Help and Healing

Resources for depression care and recovery

Depression is a common but serious illness. About 19 million people in the United States experience depression every year. It is more than feeling sad or down. The feelings do not go away and they make it hard for you or someone you know to do everyday activities. 

People who have depression often report a feeling of overwhelming, persistent despair.

The positive news is that if you or someone you know has depression, high-quality care can help them feel better. Research shows that people – even those with serious depression – can improve with treatment. 

With that goal in mind, we created Help and Healing: Resources for depression care and recovery to bring together quality information about depression. We want to help you understand your diagnosis. We also encourage you to work with your doctor, nurse or therapist to manage your depression. In addition, because we understand that diagnosing, treating and preventing depression is a partnership, we developed a section in Help and Healing with specialized information and recommendations for doctors, nurses and therapists. 

What you will find in Help and Healing: