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This display highlights the top 10 clinics that help adults reach remission from depression symptoms, 6 months after starting treatment.

The statewide rate is 8% for all reporting clinics.

This means that for every 100 patients who started depression treatment, 8 patients were in remission with few or no symptoms 6 months later. 

How the clinics compare

Most people who seek treatment for depression can improve to where they are remission - they feel better, and have few symptoms of depression or none at all.

The featured clinics had rates between 28% and 45% - well above the statewide rate of 8% but still showing room to improve.

The MNHealthScores Featured Clinics list is based on clinic performance for depression remission at 6 months.

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This list is based on patient services data received from November 1, 2016 through May 30, 2018.

Standards of Care

Standards of care are treatment guidelines that are generally accepted by health care professionals as valid and supported by sound scientific evidence.


Treatment for depression can make a difference, even if you have severe depression. For some people, talking with a therapist can help them feel better.

Standard Care

Talking with a therapist is one common approach to depression care. Others benefit from medication or need a combination of medication and therapy. The first step is to visit a health care provider.



Quality depression care helps you stay healthy and get better, faster. We encourage you to talk with your provider if you think you may have depression. Explore the resources on MNHealthScores to help find quality care and support for depression.


Risk Calculator

Depression Calculator (PHQ-9)

The PHQ-9 survey is a commonly used tool to measure depression symptoms. Your PHQ-9 score can help your health care provider know if your symptoms are under control, or if there needs to be a change to your treatment plan.

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Patient Profile

Drawing on right tools helped woman end depression

"The first time I tried to kill myself I was five years old." That is how Lindagail Roy of Minneapolis begins her account of a lifetime managing depression.

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Depression Health Tracker  

Use this tracker to record and manage your symptoms

Help & Healing Toolkit  

Resources for Depression care and recovery


Depression Fact Sheet  

Identifcation, education and talking points