Staying Healthy

What does it mean? 

Many people only think to see their health care provider when they are sick or hurt. Your provider can also be an important partner in helping you stay healthy and avoid getting sick.

Working with your health care provider to prevent health problems and stay healthy are important skills to develop. Clear communication is central to a strong partnership with your provider as you discuss the need for any tests, healthy eating habits, exercise, and how you are feeling. A strong relationship with your health care provider is a key part of quality care and having positive patient experiences. 

You have an important role in preventing health problems and staying healthy. MNHealthScores resources and information can help you build stronger relationships with your health care providers so you can protect your health. We can help you learn:

  • What questions to ask your health care provider, and when to ask them
  • How to compare the care you receive
  • How to use performance ratings to find high quality care

Signs that your health care provider is helping you stay healthy

  • Your provider’s office reminds you about preventive care, such as immunizations and eating healthy
  • You and your provider talk about weight, diet, and eating habits
  • Together, you talk about exercise and other ways to stay active
  • You and your provider discuss things that worry you, cause stress, or depression

Your role in preventing health problems and staying healthy 

Taking an active role in developing healthy habits and preventing illness is an important part of your relationship with your health care provider. Talk with your health care provider about your weight, diet and eating habits, and ways to stay active. All of these areas can help prevent disease and improve your health. You can also stay up-to-date on which tests are needed or helpful.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Letting your health care provider know if you are feeling sad, lonely, blue or depressed - or if you are stressed or worried – is another way to support your mental health and well-being. 

Links to resources about staying healthy