Accelerating the improvement of health in Minnesota and nationally

As we reflect on the 10th anniversary of our creation as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the mission of MN Community Measurement continues to be highly-relevant: to accelerate the improvement of health by publicly reporting health care information. We accomplish this by being the trusted resource for health care information for consumers and providers; by driving changes that improve care and decrease cost; and by catalyzing our community both locally and nationally.  

Be the trusted source

MN Community Measurement constantly seeks to provide information that is of high value to consumers, providers and other stakeholders. The process to develop, test, collect data for and publicly report new measures can take multiple years; thus, we strive to look far enough ahead to target what will be needed three to five years in the future.

We have many new measures in various stages, including some that will be reported for the first time in the coming year.

  • Relative Resource Use - We are deep in work on the next iteration of our health care cost suite of measures: a measure on Relative Resource Use which, when paired with the total cost measure, will illustrate whether medical groups are using their dollars smartly and efficiently - in other words, are they (and you!) getting the most bang for the buck?
  • Cancer Care - We recently concluded initial measure development work on cancer care, particularly pain management during chemotherapy and/or radiation and utilizing patient reported outcomes. We are moving into public reporting and then pilot testing in 2016. We are particularly excited about this work as cancer care and pain management are areas where little measurement exists today and where it can be very impactful for both providers and consumers.
driving change

MN Community Measurement was founded out of the need for standard, consistent information on health care quality in Minnesota, so differences could be identified and spark improvement. MNCM convenes varied stakeholders who evaluate, discuss and eventually achieve consensus on what procedures and conditions should be measured to provide the most value to our community. This is not a quick or easy process; however, it's critical to Minnesota's ability and success to improve health and health care. 

The proof is in the pudding: Our first publicly reported ratings in 2004 featured diabetes care information for 49 medical groups. Today, we publicly report more than 70 measures for more than 1,400 clinics, 535 medical groups and 140 hospitals in Minnesota and surrounding states. In 2013, we reported the results of the nation's first statewide patient experience survey. And in late 2014, we reported the nation's first risk-adjusted total cost of care information.

"Since 2011, all Minnesota clinics and hospitals have had to submit their quality improvement numbers annually for a variety of measures to MN Community Measurement. … This emphasis on measurement has led organizations to take [quality improvement] seriously." - "How 10 High Achievers Do It," Minnesota Medicine, August 2014

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