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Learn What Other Patients Had to Say: Our Patient Experience Report


Patient experience refers to everything that happens to patients from the moment they walk into a doctor’s office until the end of the appointment. It also includes all phone calls or other contact a patient has with the doctor’s office before or after appointments.

Patients care about how well their doctors communicate and whether a doctor’s office staff is polite and helpful. They want care to be available when they need it. When patients experience positive interactions with their providers, they are able to get the information they need and are treated with courtesy and respect. This can help those who are sick get better and patients who are healthy stay healthy. These are also important aspects of high quality care.

Our Patient Experience Report is based on surveys that ask patients to report their experiences:

  • ease of scheduling appointments
  • availability of information about conditions and treatments
  • patient-provider communication  – did the provider explain something in a way patients understood?
  • responsiveness of provider staff
  • communicating with the other providers involved in your care (coordination between care providers).