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We Listened to You Introducing Our New and Improved Website!

In 2009, we conducted focus groups to learn what users thought of the HealthScores website. We listened to what focus group participants had to say and have made improvements to make it easier for you to use our site to learn more about the quality of health care in your community.

We gathered a group of individuals who had either been diagnosed with a health condition or were caring for someone with a health condition and asked them questions about how they might use our website. Based on their feedback, we’ve made some improvements:

  • We want to make it easy for you to find information about clinics (doctor's offices), medical groups and hospitals in your community so we’ve enhanced our search feature. You can now search our reports by zip code, county and individual providers.
  • Our Reports are now printer friendly. Feel free to print our information and bring it with you to your next provider appointment so you can ask questions about your care.
  • Our Reports now include information about the Care You Should Expect to Receive so that you know more about the tests or procedures that can help you.
  • Our new About Us section offers more information about the purpose of our report, who put it together and where the information in our reports comes from.


It is important to us that you understand the information we are presenting and that it is helpful to you.
We hope you enjoy using our website and we’d like to hear from you. Contact us at info@mncm.org.