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Tools Now Available to Help You Use Our Information

The Diabetes Health Tracker is a simple notecard, developed with input from patients and doctors, which can be used to track progress toward the 5 goals for high quality diabetes care (the D5). Use this information to talk with your doctor about the care you are receiving. For example, if you learn that you are meeting only 3 of the D5 goals, you can work with your doctor to identify actions you can take between appointments to help you be more successful. These efforts will help you reduce your risk for conditions associated with diabetes, such as kidney disease, eye damage, and leg and foot problems.

Download the Diabetes Health Tracker and bring it to your next doctor’s appointment. Work with your doctor to fill out both the front and back so that you know your scores and have an action plan that is best for you. Your doctor will help you understand what your scores mean and help you identify actions you can take to help you improve. To help more patients achieve D5 success, the Diabetes Health Tracker is also available in Spanish.