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HealthScores History

2002     MN Community Measurement starts as a pilot project of the Minnesota health plans as a way to provide meaningful quality information to medical groups. The first Health Care Quality Report was developed and includes information about optimal diabetes care. The Report was distributed only to medical groups.
2003     The Health Care Quality Report is expanded to include more conditions including immunizations, cancer screenings, diabetes and high blood pressure. The Report is based on information gathered from a sample of insurance claims, medical records and some immunization registries and continues to be distributed only to medical groups.
2004     The Health Care Quality Report is made public. The new web-based version is the first state-wide report of health care quality and included quality information from 53 medical groups.
2005     MN Community Measurement becomes an independent non-profit community organization. The mnhealthcare.org site is enhanced to allow users to compare quality information between providers and over time.
2006     Our website now includes profile and summary information for each medical group. Employers begin to encourage their employees to use quality information from HealthScores during their health benefits open enrollment.

A secure, web-based portal is launched, allowing providers to submit clinical data directly to MN Community Measurement (direct data submission). This information is used to:

  • Develop many of the reports available on HealthScores.
  • Allow providers to see how successful their patients are in achieving health care best practices - care that is proven to work - and to develop plans for improving the care they receive.
  • Help purchasers, such as employers, make sure they are getting the best value for their health care dollars.


2008     Minnesota’s 2008 Health Care Reform Act requires all Minnesota provider clinics to submit information about health care quality to MN Community Measurement (effective 2010).
2009     HealthScores (www.mnhealthscores.org), a new consumer-focused public reporting website is launched. Reports for patient experience of caredepression treatment, and average cost of common ambulatory (non-hospital) procedures are released. HealthScores receives local and national media exposure.
2010     Approximately 90% of primary care sites in Minnesota now submit quality information to MN Community Measurement. Enhancements are made to HealthScores including an improved search engine, improved navigation and printer-friendly report displays. Information about the quality of care in Minnesota’s hospitals is also now available.